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Recommended StrategyEdit

It is recommended that you do not save until after sending the first text, as it will forfeit the possibility of receiving a second.

Conversation ChoicesEdit


Time BreakdownEdit


  • Envelope closed Mail 1-1 (KRIOS PHONE: To all customers 1/2)
  • Envelope closed Mail 1-2 (KRIOS PHONE: To all customers 2/2)
  • Envelope closed Mail 1-3 (Katherine: Checking in)
    • Envelope closed Mail 1-5 (Katherine: Wait a second...)
    • Katherine also calls you for a conversation when you reply Max Law to her texts. She'll apologize for cutting short your meeting earlier that morning. Reply "I don't mind" for additional law points.
  • Envelope closed Mail 1-4 (Midnight Venus: Congratulations!)
  • Envelope closed Mail 1-6 (Midnight Venus: You've done it!)
    • Only if you get the Gold Prize above Normal difficulty.
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