Venus Mode Art Book
Release dates August 20, 2011
Publisher ASCII Media Works
ISBN 4048706381

Catherine Visual & Scenario Collection ♀Venus☆Mode♂, also known simply as the Venus Mode Art Book, is an artbook for Catherine.

ASCII Media Works released a 160-page A4-size art and scenario book for Catherine, containing all the dialogues and endings to the game. This includes unreleased character and concept art, as well as artwork already in the game and website, such as images Catherine sends you through her cell phone, or promo art of her.

The book is divided into five chapters:

  • CHAPTER I: Visual
  • CHAPTER II: Theatre
  • CHAPTER IV: Nightmare
  • CHAPTER V: Concept


  • For unexplained reasons, the artbook callously claims Erica Anderson's body type has "surprisingly broad shoulders", deadnames her as "Eric", and says her sex is male (男性 dansei) instead of female (女性 josei). Those who do not wish to support transphobic comments may not want to purchase the art book.

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