The Cathedral
Catherine The Cathedral
Vincent alongside Katherine climbing The Cathedral while being chased by Catherine.
Stage Level 8
Difficulty Hard
Length Short
Blocks Present White Blocks
Dark Blocks
Heavy Blocks
Cracked Blocks
Trap Blocks
New Blocks Introduced None
Hazards Falling
Stage collapsing
Being crushed
Trap Blocks
Cracked Blocks
Crimson Lightning Blasts
Landings 0
Confessionals 0
Setting Heaven
Characters Present Vincent Brooks
Katherine McBride

The Cathedral is the eighth stage in Catherine.


Only those who can remain calm while grieving deities swirl about them will see the end of this stage.  This is a complex and difficult area with many different block varieties!

- Official description on the selection screen of Colosseum Mode



  • Mussorgsky – 'Pictures at an Exhibition' The Hut on the Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yagá)
  • Händel – Messiah "Hallelujah Chorus"

Boss CharacterEdit


The Trivia For Tonight.....Edit

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Underground Cemetery:

Prison of Despair:
Torture Chamber:
Clock Tower:
Spiral Corridor:
The Cathedral:
The Empireo:


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