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Catherine Official Love Is Over Unboxing Preview07:04

Catherine Official Love Is Over Unboxing Preview

The t-shirt at 4:15.

The Love is Over Deluxe edition of Catherine comes with a Men's Large 100% cotton T-shirt. This shirt is a replica of one owned by Vincent in the game, and worn by Catherine. The hearts seem to be a parody of Zelda.

Aram Jabbari posted a picture of the actual t-shirt that he had taken in a PR shoot, showing John Tubera (video editor) and Crystal Murray (PR Specialist). Aram stated the shirts were clipped in the back, as both employees typically wear a size smaller than Large.[1]



Standard Edition Bonuses
Art Book  · Sound Disc
Deluxe Edition Bonuses
Art Book  · Sound Disc  · T-shirt  · Boxer Shorts  · Pillowcase  · Pizza Box

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