Here are a list of some of the most commonly questioned aspects of the story. Have one that isn't on here? Post a comment or edit this article to ask or answer existing questions.

If Catherine is an illusion, how did she flush the toilet when Katherine came to visit?Edit

Catherine isn't an illusion, despite the terminology Boss uses to describe her. It's more accurate when he says she is 'not of this realm'. She is real: we see this because Vincent can touch her, and interact with her. We see her place an order at the Chrono Rabbit. She can have an influence on the outside world in any way she likes. Conversely, she can also have a negative influence on it, hiding her appearance to anyone she doesn't want to see. This can extend to Vincent himself, as shown in the Catherine Bad Ending, where she effectively hides all the patrons in the Stray Sheep while they are having their talk. As soon as she leaves, they all re-appear instantly. In doing these things, she can have as much or little impact on the physical world as she wants.

Why does Jonny mention in the Nightmares that he betrayed his best friend? What is he talking about?Edit

If you watch the Freedom Good Ending or the Freedom True Ending, you find out your answer. He states that he asked Katherine out on a date. So his feelings of betraying his best friend were based on the fact that he had feelings for Katherine while she was dating Vincent. It was not why he was having Nightmares, as he speculated.

What's up with the ants?Edit

It's left intentionally vague. They always appear around Katherine or Katherine-related items, causing the player to become suspicious of her. This may be a plot device to distract players from Catherine's supernatural origins, as no other proof that Katherine is anything but normal is ever shown. Lindsay and Martha Uspenski explain that the ants crawl out of the dead mouths of the cheaters who've succumbed to the weakening deaths: that is the best answer so far. They also speak of ants being the messengers of witches and Catherine is noticeably perturbed by their presence despite being a demon herself.

Why does Vincent have bandages in some cutscenes?Edit

He wears bandages to hide the love bites he received from the overly eager Catherine the night before. He takes them off the following day.

Was Erica really born a man?Edit


Who was looking in Vincent's peephole on Day 5?Edit

While never explicitly stated, the most likely person is Steve Delhomme. The intrusion happens right after Steve's threats towards Vincent, and the remark that he knows where he lives. It's also been speculated that it was actually Catherine instead since she has blue eyes, and she glares the same way.

Why did the nightmare with Katherine happen? Vincent had completed the trials.Edit

Astaroth had stated the night before to not let go of what's important to him, possibly implying that he wanted to see if he truly commits to Katherine. A more better guess, however, is Vincent's curse. The curse not only brings him to the nightmare every night, but prevents him from gaining his freedom without a definitive answer. The nightmare with Katherine perhaps pressured him to make his final decision before he truly had freedom whether he wanted either girl or freedom.

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