Sex Unknown
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Occupation Pianist
JPN VA Aya Hirano

Rin (リン Rin) is a new character in the game Catherine: Full Body. They are a pianist at the Stray Sheep.


Rin has a different personality than Catherine and Katherine McBride. Rin has a gentle and obedient personality and lacks social etiquette. Rin helps support Vincent Brooks through the nightmares with their own perspective on events.

The Trivia for Tonight.....

  • GameGrumps made a joke regarding a third Catherine in one of their videos.[1] This has resulted in fans giving Rin the nickname "Qatherine".
  • There is speculation that Rin may be transgender like Erica Anderson, or a male cross-dresser. A recent trailer apparently shows Vincent surprised while looking at Rin unclothed.[2] This has resulted in the fan-nickname "Trapthrine." While the term "trap" is usually used in a joking manner, many members and allies of the LGBT+ community consider it denigratory, thus adding more controversy to the issue of Rin's debatable status.
  • Although much of Rin's role and portrayal in the game is unseen, Rin has stirred a lot of controversy.[3] There are many fans concerned about how Rin will be portrayed, especially since Erica is interpreted by many as "problematic."



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