Rin (Qatherine)



Sex Unknown
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Occupation Pianist at Stray Sheep
JPN VA Aya Hirano
"I'll be fine because I'll be by your side."
— Rin to Vincent

Rin (リン Rin), also known as Qatherine, is a new character in the game Catherine: Full Body. She is suffering from amnesia and does not remember who she is. She is Vincent Brooks's new neighbor, living in an apartment room beside his, and also becomes the pianist at the Stray Sheep.


Rin is a young woman with pink hair in a bob cut and light blue eyes.

Rin wears a light blue dress that stops right before the knees with wings drawings on her upper back. Rin has a white tie and light blue shoes. Rin has a strange and odd-looking bracelet on her left wrist that looks almost alien-like. Inside is what looks like to be pink smoke or powder.

In one scene of the game set in Vincent's apartment, she wears a white-and-pink stripped hoodie with pink shorts.


Rin has a different personality than Catherine and Katherine McBride. Rin has a gentle and obedient personality and lacks social etiquette. She seems to be very pure of heart, lacking any traces of hate, and has a very peaceful, empathetic and compassionate personality.

She is shown to be somewhat clumsy, which often gets her into embarrassing situations.

It is also implied Rin likes music, given their ability to play piano.

Rin appears to have lost important memories from the past, only remembering their name.

Catherine: Full Body

Rin is described to act as a healing presence for Vincent through the nightmares, as well as someone that exemplifies new values.

They seem to first meet when she accidentally bumps into him on the street while apparently fleeing from someone.[1] Afterwards, Vincent helps Rin find an apartment right beside his. He also helps her get a pianist job at the Stray Sheep.

Rin then talks to Vincent at the bar.[2]


Rin's piano helping Vincent.

Rin can also be seen in the nightmares, playing the piano during all the chaos in the nightmares.[3] Rin does not appear as a sheep, making the sheep-men suspicious of her. Her piano has the power to halt the collapsing stage, activated automatically when Vincent is in an emergency. A green light appears as the piano's melody is heard.

On Day 6, Vincent arrives home to find Rin lying on the floor of her apartment. He checks to see if she's okay. Rin does not realize her towel has unwrapped and she stands up naked, shocking Vincent.[4]


Rin runs out of the room in tears after Vincent slaps her hand.

At another point in the story, possibly following the aforementioned scene, Rin's hand is swatted away by Vincent. Rin, stunned, says sorry and runs out of the room in tears.[5]

At one point, Rin will follow Vincent in at least once nightmare stage. Vincent and Rin are confronted by some strange angelic-looking being.

The Trivia for Tonight.....


"Qatherine" on the official website.


Vincent's reaction to Rin naked.

  • GameGrumps predicted the existence of a third "Catherine" in one of their videos.[6] This resulted in fans giving Rin the nickname "Qatherine". Game reviewer Yahtzee Crowshaw also joked about another "Catherine" with a Q.[7]
    • Rin is called "Qatherine" on the official website, meaning Qatherine has become an official alternative name for her.[8] "Qatherine" appears a second time in the characters section.[9]
  • Rin has a theme song titled "Tomorrow".
  • The wings on Rin's back may be inspired by Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. It may be a nod to how both of their names begin with "Rin."
  • There is speculation that Rin may be transgender like Erica Anderson, or a male cross-dresser. One of the first trailers shows Vincent surprised while looking at Rin unclothed.[10] However, recent gameplay shows that it is possible Vincent is simply surprised because Rin suddenly accidentally undresses.[11] Rin's hair and clothes are also the blue/white/pink color scheme of the Transgender Pride Flag, although it is unknown if this is intentional.
    • Although much of Rin's role and portrayal in the game is unseen, Rin has stirred a lot of controversy.[12] There are many fans concerned about how Rin will be portrayed, especially since Erica is interpreted by many as "problematic." Rin's ambiguous status has also resulted in the fan-nickname "Trapthrine." While the term "trap" is usually used in a joking manner, many members and allies of the LGBT+ community consider it denigratory, thus adding more controversy to the issue of Rin's debatable status.
    • Hashino states that Catherine: Full Body is a complete version of the concept from the previous game, which can be delivered because the sense of values has been diversified since 7 years ago. The existence of Rin is someone who makes it possible for others to find new values represented in this game.[13] It is unclear if he refers to possible transgenderism.



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