Sex Unknown
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Occupation Pianist
JPN VA Aya Hirano
Rin (リン Rin) is a new character in the game Catherine: Full Body, working as a pianist at the Stray Sheep.


Rin has pink hair in a bob cut and light blue eyes. Rin wears a light blue dress that stops right before the knees with wings drawings on her upper back. Rin has a white tie and light blue shoes.

Rin has a strange and odd-looking bracelet on her left wrist that looks almost alien-like. Inside is what looks like to be pink smoke or powder.


Rin has a different personality than Catherine and Katherine McBride. Rin has a gentle and obedient personality and lacks social etiquette. Rin helps support Vincent Brooks through the nightmares with their own perspective on events. It is also implied Rin likes music, given their ability to play piano.

The Trivia for Tonight.....


Vincent's reaction to Rin naked.

  • GameGrumps predicted the existence of a third "Catherine" in one of their videos.[1] This has resulted in fans giving Rin the nickname "Qatherine".
  • There is speculation that Rin may be transgender like Erica Anderson, or a male cross-dresser. A recent trailer apparently shows Vincent surprised while looking at Rin unclothed.[2] This has resulted in the fan-nickname "Trapthrine." While the term "trap" is usually used in a joking manner, many members and allies of the LGBT+ community consider it denigratory, thus adding more controversy to the issue of Rin's debatable status.
  • Although much of Rin's role and portrayal in the game is unseen, Rin has stirred a lot of controversy.[3] There are many fans concerned about how Rin will be portrayed, especially since Erica is interpreted by many as "problematic."
  • A recent trailer for the game shows Rin bumping into Vincent and having an extremely embarrassing moment.[4]



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