Vincent checking his pictures in a bathroom.

Throughout the game at the Stray Sheep, Vincent can receive numerous text messages and phone calls from Catherine, Katherine, Trisha, and others. Some of these have no effect and are purely informational, while others impact the karma meter and can have a large effect towards Law or Chaos.

In most cases, responding in a certain way to a text message from Catherine or Katherine will lead to another text or picture message, and sometimes after that a phone call. Each of these messages is another opportunity to interact with them and alter your karma meter, so as to gain a deeper understanding in your relationships.

Day 1

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 1-1 KRIOS PHONE To all customers 1/2
Mail 1-2 KRIOS PHONE To all customers 2/2
Mail 1-3 Katherine Checking in
Mail 1-4 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 1-5 Katherine Wait a second... Positive response for Mail 1-3

Day 2

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 2-1 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 2-2 Katherine Are you at SS again?
Mail 2-3 Catherine Is this reaching you?
Mail 2-4 Midnight Venus About the passage of time
Mail 2-5 Catherine R U getting these? No response for Mail 2-3
Mail 2-6 Katherine About tomorrow Positive response for Mail 2-2
Mail 2-7 Catherine (PIC) YAY Positive response for Mail 2-3 or Mail 2-5

Day 3

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 3-1 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 3-2 Katherine Are you drinking?
Mail 3-3 Catherine Hey!
Mail 3-4 Midnight Venus Booze & You
Mail 3-5 Katherine I'm sorry Positive response for Mail 3-2
Mail 3-6 Catherine (PIC) Okies Positive response for Mail 3-3
Mail 3-7 Catherine Oh... Negative response for Mail 3-3

Day 4

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 4-1 Catherine (PIC) Show & Tell!!!
Mail 4-2 Toby Do you like cake?
Mail 4-3 Toby Shit! IGNORE LAST TEXT!
Mail 4-4 Orlando I'm working overtime
Mail 4-5 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 4-6 Catherine Heyyyy
Mail 4-7 Katherine About this morning
Mail 4-8 Midnight Venus Your fellow customers
Mail 4-9 Catherine You meanie! Positive response from Mail 4-6
Mail 4-10 Katherine I... Positive or no response from Mail 4-7
Mail 4-11 Catherine Re:Re: You meanie! Negative response from Mail 4-9

Day 5

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 5-1 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 5-2 Katherine Eat your cake
Mail 5-3 Catherine (PIC) Some good medicine!
Mail 5-4 Catherine I'm wondering
Mail 5-5 Katherine Hey... Positive response from Mail 5-2
Mail 5-6 Midnight Venus The Mysterious Meter
Mail 5-7 Catherine Oh... Positive response from Mail 5-4

Day 6

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 6-1 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 6-2 Katherine What's going on?
Mail 6-3 Catherine (PIC) I'm so excited!
Mail 6-4 Midnight Venus The Rapunzel Puzzle
Mail 6-5 Katherine Can I trust you? Positive response from Mail 6-2

Day 7

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 7-1 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 7-2 Katherine Hey
Mail 7-3 Midnight Venus The Experience Enigma

Day 8

Mail Sender Subject Prerequisite
Mail 8-1 Midnight Venus Congratulations!
Mail 8-2 KRIOS PHONE (PIC) Attachments issues
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