Catherine Obelisk
Vincent climbing The Obelisk in the single player mode of Babel.
Stage Level 3
Difficulty Hard
Length Long
Blocks Present White Blocks
Heavy Blocks
Dark Blocks
Cracked Blocks
Ice Blocks
Bomb Blocks
Mystery Blocks
Monster Blocks
Hazards Falling
Stage collapsing
Being crushed
Cracked Blocks
Ice Blocks
Bomb Blocks
Mystery Blocks
Monster Blocks
Landings 0
Confessionals 0
Setting Heaven
Characters Present Vincent Brooks
Katherine McBride (multiplayer only)

The Obelisk is the 3rd stage of Babel.


The third stage is taken from a stone pillar of Ancient Egypt, the Obelisk! Who will receive the pharoah's praise upon the capstone?

These stone shafts will make anyone who attempts to climb them lose their footing. Go forth, and use your intuition to forge a path!


Overall LayoutEdit

Obelisk generally consists of ~240 steps, divided into 10 Levels. In pairs, it consist of ~154 steps. Obelisk adds Ice Blocks, Bomb Blocks, Monster Blocks and Mystery Blocks. Each level has a predefined set of possible wall patterns that are randomly selected. The game will not select the same wall twice in a row. The widest section is 8 blocks wide, creating the opportunities to make some steps with the Slider technique. Pay attention to Monster Blocks, with their moves, as they can create huge problems.


  • Use the Bomb Evasion to reduce problems with Cracked Blocks.

The Trivia For Tonight.....Edit


Catherine Obelisk Babel20:11

Catherine Obelisk Babel

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