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  • Hey again,

    I'm going to be uploading a couple of videos of all the cutscenes from the Rapunzel game, one for normal mode and one for extra so I am just wondering whether it would be better suited on the main Rapunzel page or on the Rapunzel Story Transcript?

    Also just out of curiosity, what did you think of the novel adaptation? It seems everyone I asked about it hasn't read it, at least not entirely so I just figured it will be nice to hear from someone else who has read the whole thing.

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    • Maybe the fact that both Stella and Sophie died meant that he was free from the nightmares? Not sure.

      Thanks for adding the summary! Please don't use colloquial phrases like "flat" tho. And I think the wiki is pretty good. If you know how to get the Kindle version (or PDF version) of the Venus Mode artbook, lemme know.

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    • In terms of finding all the pages of the Venus Mode Artbook to put up on the wiki, the best place is here.

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