Catherine Inquisition
Vincent climbing the main tower of the Inquisition.
Stage Level 4
Difficulty Medium
Length Medium
Blocks Present White Blocks
Dark Blocks
Cracked Blocks
New Blocks Introduced None
Hazards Falling
Stage collapsing
Being crushed
Cracked Blocks
Shockwave attack
Landings 1
Confessionals 1
Setting World of Nightmares
Characters Present Vincent Brooks
The Child

The Inquisition is the fourth stage of Catherine and takes place in what appears to be a foreboding courthouse where those accused of wronging their lovers are indicted and put on trial - including trial by block climb.

Appearance Edit

The Stage takes place in a large chamber between two walls with female and male symbol designs, and a sheep stands in front of each male symbol. A large statue of Lady Justice stands in the center of the stage. Those things, together with the name Inquisition, appear to indicate that individual areas are designed as massive courtrooms.

Cutscenes Edit

Inquisition 4-1: The screen views around the stage then views Vincent saying, "What is this place?"

Inquisition 4-2: The screen views Vincent, then a voice, "Dahhh..." is heard by The Child. Vincent says, "Huh?" Then The Child shouts out "Daddy!" and Vincent says, "Uwaaah!" Vincent thinks that The Child is not creepy at all. The Child continues to call Vincent "daddy" and then Vincent starts to climb blocks in haste saying, "Stay away from me!"

The Trivia for Tonight..... Edit

  • The music is "Little" Fugue in G Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • In the Nightmare Trailer for the game, the main theme for the Inquisition can be heard playing in the background.
  • The Inquisition is arguably one of the shortest stages in the game.  With only one sequence, and one landing before the boss stage.
  • By defeating The Child, the player unlocks the achievement/trophy No One Expects the..., which is a reference to the Monty Python line "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition."
Stages and bosses
Underground Cemetery:

Prison of Despair:
Torture Chamber:
Clock Tower:
Spiral Corridor:
The Cathedral:
The Empireo:


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