Clock Tower
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Stage Level 6
Difficulty  ?
Length  ?
Blocks Present  ?
New Blocks Introduced  ?
Hazards  ?
Landings  ?
Confessionals  ?
Setting World of Nightmares
Characters Present Vincent Brooks
Child with a Chainsaw

The Clock Tower is the 6th stage of Catherine. It takes place in a Clock Tower with clutches around the inside controlling the clock. The Bomb Block is shown first at this stage.

Cut scenes Edit

Clock Tower 6-1: The screen views around the Clock Tower then views Vincent saying,"Where am I this time? There's still more!?"

Clock Tower 6-2: The screen views Vincent saying,"I'm not gonna die!"

Clock Tower 6-3: The screen views Vincent saying,"Just let me climb this damn tower like normal, dammit!"

Clock Tower 6-4: The screen views Vincent walking through the blocks saying, "All right... Let's just climb this thing and get it over with!" After that, angry babbling is heard by the Child with a Chainsaw. When Vincent hears this, he starts to say, "...W...What!?" Child with a Chainsaw starts to call Vincent "daddy", then Vincent starts to say when he hears it, "There is no way!", thinking that The Child is after him again. Child with a Chainsaw continues to call him "daddy" then the Child with a Chainsaw sticks its chainsaw on the side of the tower, with Vincent saying he's not the baby's daddy. The nightmare starts.

The Trivia For Tonight...Edit

Stages and bosses
Underground Cemetery:

Prison of Despair:
Torture Chamber:
Clock Tower:
Spiral Corridor:
The Cathedral:
The Empireo:


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