Cover art for the OST.

The Catherine Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Catherine and consists of 34 tracks, and is composed by Shoji Meguro, best known for his work in the Shin Megami Tensei series; specifically, Persona.

This soundtrack doesn't contain all the game's music. The Catherine Sound Disc contains missing songs.

Tracklist Edit

  1. YO
  2. It's a Golden Show
  3. Roux
  4. George Washington (or Jouji Washington)
  5. Also Sprach Brooks
  6. Stray Sheep
  7. Fear
  8. Pandemonium
  9. Non Title
  10. at more choice
  11. Result
  12. Good Morning, New Day
  13. R30's Melancholy
  14. Hitsujigamine (Sheep on the Mountain's Peak)
  15. Ant
  16. Stalked In The Dark
  17. Loser's Future
  18. Woman's Hand
  19. Zigeunerweisen Sarasate
  20. Lamb Game between Male and Female
  21. Tension
  22. Door
  23. Oracle
  24. Lost
  25. Awakening
  26. Act on Instinct
  27. Departure
  28. An Die Freude
  29. Battle on Stage
  30. Up Up Up!
  31. Stage
  32. Rapunzel -Game Play-
  33. Rapunzel -Name Entry-
  34. Rapunzel -Game Over-

"YO" lyricsEdit

yo LV
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo, Yume de count suru sheep,
1,2,3, I get sucked in my sheets.

Kore wa genjitsu? Sore ga dream?
Mazaru mitsu to noukou na cream.

Tsunagaru shikumi wa hen to hen,
Hito to no kannkei wa en to en.

Genten to goal, musubu ten to ten,
Ato wa sense de kimaru, unmei no woman.

Left ka right, ka zengo sayu- move the brick,
step up, shte toiteku trick.

Man, you gotta fight for your chick,
demo **** ga iru kara dekinai pick.

Jikan ga nai ze kyoudai, Fumihazuseba kyou die,
Sonna show time.

Noboreru toko made noborou kai,
atomodori wa dekinai, kono koukai.

Big na house, to big na car,
ga nakutemo anngai hikkakaru.

Oshari, Hiitarishte, otoseru.
Choujyou mezashte, yatsu i tomeru.

yo, yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

Life wa kekkyoku bubble jyan.
Hajikeru made you wa yumemigachi jyan.

Trivia Edit

  • 情事ワシントン (Track 4) contains a pun. The 情事 is pronounced 'Jouji' (which is the Japanese transliteration of George) and is the Japanese word for 'affair'.

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