Catherine: Full Body
Catherine Full Body Logo
Developer Atlus (Studio Zero)
Publishers Atlus (JP)
Release dates Winter 2018 (Japan)
2019 (Western countries & Europe)
Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

Catherine: Full Body is a remake/enhanced port of the 2011 Catherine video game. Full Body will be developed and published by Atlus' Studio Zero Team for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The reason the developers chose the subtitle Full Body is due to its relation to full-bodied wine. Full Body is Catherine with more content (or depth), like a full-bodied wine. It also sounded more erotic, possibly implying the developers are going to increase the eroticness of the game.

Atlus confirmed the game will be localized into English and come to the West.[1] However, it is unknown if any of the English voice actors will return to reprise their roles. It is unclear how much new voice acting will need to be done.

As of the end of 2017, development of the game was noted to be about 50% complete.

Changes from original



  • There is now a third girl named Rin who is the pianist at the Stray Sheep. Rin's involvement in the story will cause a split between Catherine and Katherine.
  • There will be new "sexy events", episodes and animated cutscenes to further develop the characters of Catherine, Katherine and Rin. There will be new endings for Rin and additional endings for both Catherine and Katherine
  • A wide level of difficulty options is also available, alongside other adjustments. There are also new gimmicks and modes such as being able to link together a wide variety of blocks. There is also 'Original Mode' enabling the option to play the unaltered stages from the first version of game.

Online changes

Catherine: Full Body will have an online battle mode, inspired by the competitive scene overseas. Atlus states that they noticed the competitive Catherine scene, which is what lead them to developing online features for the remaster.

The game will feature the ability to cross-save between PS4 and Vita. However, it is unknown if there will be cross-play between PS4 and Vita users.

The Trivia for Tonight.....


The logo.

  • The logo is meant to be reminiscent of a woman's rear.
  • Fans have begun a petition aimed at Atlus for a way to save Steve Delhomme, or, at the very least, add more Steve fanservice.[2]

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